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      For those interested, the actual main instance is at https://piped.kavin.rocks.

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      You give them a lot of data - ranging from ideas, music taste, content, political opinions…

      For me this is actually the killer feature of YouTube: it continually finds stuff I’m likely to be interested in, mostly about guitar playing, guitar pedals, synths, math, weird music… Not just from known sources, and not just about topics I’ve explicitly listed.

      It’d be preferable for the agent doing this to run on my machine, of course, but that doesn’t seem feasible since the online data set is so vast and grows at an insane rate.

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        Agreed. I wouldn’t know a lot of what I’ve learned on YouTube if it weren’t for these complex recommendation engines.

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      Why does every video platform want to be an Alternative to YouTube, they can be together, YouTube is doing great job with all the data and allows me to discover more videos.