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    Anyone know the pros & cons versus Dragula which looks very similar?

    From what I can tell (disclaimer: without having tried either):

    • Pro: Draggable has a cleaner delineation between modules (drag, drop, sort) which presumably allows for more extensibility. They have optional plugins “Collidable” and “Snappable” to demonstrate this.
    • Pro?: Built and maintained by a big company
    • Con: Apparently a hard dependency on NPM

    I can’t tell at a glance how much Draggable weighs. Meanwhile dragula.min.js is 11.1 KB.

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      Trying to drag an element around with Dragula caused the page to scroll, which makes it really hard to use.

      Playing with Draggable, they got that right, but it broke in other ways, leaving chunks of blocks floating about.

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        Performance seems a little better with Dragula for me. Dragging was choppy in the Draggable demo, Dragula stayed reasonable.