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      Ah good ole FOaaS! This brings back memories, as one of my greatest useless internet accomplishments was getting the Shakespeare route added. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6069514

      Nice little project, good example of a Go CLI. Thanks for sharing!

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        Oh, so that was you. The Shakespeare one is among my top 10s

        Thank you for your words. I wasn’t sure whether I should share this project or not but I have gotten really good feedback for it on reddit and now here. Means a lot and it just made learning Go more fun.

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      There’s a bash script that does essentially the same thing: https://github.com/RaymiiOrg/foaas.sh

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        I didn’t know about that script but I wanted to learn Go so I made this tool

        Thanks for the link anyway

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      This is cool. Enjoyed playing with it.