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    I clean my work keyboard a few keys at a time during long conference calls. This method is not particularly effective. It’s also not entirely ineffective.

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      I occasionally do sewing or other repairs during conference calls. I’ve even patched jeans in an in-person meeting. I find I can listen better if I have something to do with my hands.

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        This is genius, I need to do that :)

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        it’s a pretty common fallacy to say “if you wouldn’t do $task for a stranger for $money, you should pay a stranger $money to do $task for you”. it completely neglects the differing psychological value of doing your own work versus doing someone else’s work.

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          That, but I also think that it would cost me nothing of my time, because I could do that while watching a video that I would watch anyway. Sure, might not be the fastest way or the cleanest possible outcome, but it’s free.