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    The only issue I have with Irrsi which WeeChat handles perfectly is a lack of proper documentation for API and commands - for example, there’s no list of built in statubar items with their descriptions. Themes are also a work of continuous trial and error.

    It’s really weird, regarding the fact that irssi is 25 years old right now, more or less, so it had enough time to be documented like a boss. But this might just a spark of wild 90s where no one cared about docs, but people learnt irssi from each other’s and knowing it was somehow the “common knowledge”, keeping the details away from users would be also a way to prevent “lamers” from doing anything beyond average use unless they can read the source code, which isn’t a piece of art either.

    Yes, I had to read an irssi source to understand how to configure it in the way I needed to. And no, this is not a “self documenting code”.

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      thanks for checking out the changelogs ever now and then.

      sometimes even complete documentation still leaves me confused…

      however I do not believe there was any intention to fight off lamers ;) rather simply no one has the time or passion to contribute good docs

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        If you don’t mind me asking: Why are you using Irssi and not Weechat, then? I switched from Irssi to weechat years ago (when it seemed like Irssi had nothing to offer over weechat anymore) and may be out of the loop in terms of new Irssi developments I’m missing.

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          I didn’t say that I use irssi anymore… :) Switched to WeeChat in ~2010-2012 (that 0.4.x version branch which lasted quite too long), but I’m occasionally checking out irssi changelogs and the program itself.

          (and I’m quite missing it, especially the formats system)

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            Same here, made the switch around 2014. Even Irssi seems have lower memory footprint on start, it randomly run into memory leaks after running for a while. Weechat is on the opposite, consuming lots of ram on start and didn’t quite increase after couple of months.

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              Wow – I have run Irssi for literally years at a time without leaking. My setup is barely customized though.

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                My friends and I have a running joke where our reaction to beefy computers are, “What, are you gonna run ${MUTUAL_FRIEND}s Irssi or something on it?” Thanks for reminding me about how that joke originated!

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                  I think you haven’t used plugins and their scripts too much :)

                  The memory footprint stability is quite new, I remember when WeeChat had memleaks and really choked up one of my machines (which wasn’t that weak), mostly because it couldn’t keep up with buffers.pl. At the end, FlashCode decided to rewrite that de facto standard script as a WC builtin. Same foriset and fset.

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                    we are not aware of any leaks and if there are some we want them fixed