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      This is beautiful, thank you for sharing

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        Thanks ❤️

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      Why are all my favorite tech bloggers trans asks area “man” who is about to realize why.

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        What does this mean?

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          It’s a meme. I’m trans. I just haven’t switched this account to my new name yet.

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            Now you did, congrats! :3

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              Thanks. Lobsters has always had such good trans representation. 🏳️‍⚧️

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                I’ve found that many Lobsters are indeed good eggs.

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          “Why are all my favorite tech bloggers trans?” asks area man (!) who is about to realize why.

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            Thanks. Their response didn’t really help their lack of punctuation.

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          The implication is that if an assigned-male-at-birth person finds themselves in social contexts where they are interacting with or choosing to consume the cultural output of out trans women, that AMAB person may themselves be transgender in a way they have not consciously realized yet, because whatever attracts them to these social contexts is also predictive of the sort of unusual relationship with their embodied gender that makes one consider gender-transition.

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      this is really really amazing. This is my first year as someone who has fully realized that she’s trans and is finally starting a social transiton and HRT. I’m going to try and carve out some time today to sit through this and probably cry a bunch

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      I see just a blank blue screen in Mull on lineage os on my phone.

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        Hm, sorry to hear that and thanks for letting me know. It’s using JavaScript / WASM to render and uses some localStorage but is vanilla Yew otherwise.

        I probably won’t be able to reproduce it, but debug logs are welcome in case it’s something evident from those.

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          Did you change it? Now it looks like a reasonable HTML document.

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            I didn’t make any substantial changes, only some copy updates. The mystery deepens.

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              My browser isn’t doing anything funny; if I wget it I still see the reasonable HTML source. No sign of JS rendering…

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                Are you using the same browser as timthelion, or another one?

                The body of the HTML source should contain a script tag, and there should be a couple of link tags that pull in WASM and a small bit of JS. Are you seeing something different? If so I’d love to have a log of the command you ran to fetch the page, and what was retrieved, if you could email them to me (email is on my website).

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                  no offense but I don’t want to be responsible for a site going from reasonable HTML to a JS-rendered monstrosity… sorry; I care about that stuff more than I probably should.