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    Not sure if “formal methods” would be an accurate tag addition here. Would it be?

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      Definitely. I just saved this PDF as an exemplary work applying formal methods to a real-world problem that found real vulnerabilities in it. I’ll do a suggest formal methods on it. Also, thanks for submitting it! :)

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        Yeah it’s very nice work. And no silly domain names for marketing the vulns!

        Though I suppose if the title was “unfixable security problems in LTE protocol found” a lot more people would read this paper…

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          Yeah, those are good points. I get tired of the marketing gimmicks. Your alternative title is a lot scarier. I’m a little wary of them since I’ve seen them used on stuff that got patched or worked-around later on. They seemed unfixable at the time. Maybe “All 4G Phones Vulnerable to these Attacks.” Still sounds a bit scaremongering but wouldn’t require a retraction if they fixed the problems.

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          It seems I cannot edit my submission anymore and can’t suggest tags either. I would appreciate if a few more folks suggested the tag so it gets added. Thanks.