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    Remember that even if tweets are deleted, there’s several sites scrapping twitter which will keep the twits regardless.

    The best approach is to not use twitter at all.

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      In addition Twitter is selling their datastream to paying customers. Some of whom may well be on-selling that data via their own APIs, or letting their customers export it in some form. Twitter requires their customers to delete Tweets from their systems when they’re deleted from Twitter (and various other mimic-the-state-on-Twitter rules) but who knows whether that’s actually happening.

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        I have never created an account, and don’t intent to. However, this is still a good tool for people that use twitter and might have a few dodgy tweets laying around.

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          My advice to anybody using twitter would be to delete all twits and then the account.

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        I don’t think this actually works.

        I was recently thinking it might be nice to do a cleanup when this was fortuitously posted so I saved it for my sunday morning tinker-time, and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it actually is able to fetch any of my tweets when I run the fetch command

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          It’s from June 2019, Twitter might have tightened up their API access since then.

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          While it doesn’t allow for quite as fine-grained of control for determining which posts get deleted, something similar exists for Mastodon users that I really like: https://forget.codl.fr/about/