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    In the Game State section, the author has this sentence:

    Normally I avoid dataclasses on account of their being mutable, but here that’s what we need.

    I wonder if frozen=True in the dataclass definition is not sufficient for their needs here. Both the data class documentation [1] and the similar documentation [2] for the popular attrs library’s parameter of the same name indicate that true immutability is not possible in Python.

    If you want true immutability in your code, Python is not a language to guarantee that.

    [1] https://docs.python.org/3/library/dataclasses.html#frozen-instances

    [2] https://www.attrs.org/en/stable/examples.html#immutability

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      It’s less that I want “true” immutability and more that I prefer the sorts of code patterns that you’d associate with immutability. In practice I use NamedTuples instead of dataclasses, but as you point out they’re not truly immutable. Usually they’re close enough though.