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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Improving SQL parsing for a client. Did you know? Postgres lowercases every name that isn’t quoted, snowflakes uppercases every name that isn’t quoted, redshift lowercases everything even if it is quoted, and BigQuery doesn’t change the case, but treats columns as case-insensitive (and only columns). Yeah, it’s really that messed up.

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      Working on repository hosting for my backup tool https://github.com/andrewchambers/bupstash. I hope to be able to move to beta soon.

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        I’m using OpenCV to (try) and figure out what embroidery threads (there’s a limited set of official colours) were used in pictures of embroidery hoops posted to r/embroidery

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          Trodding through Ada, I successfully wrote a command line program I wanted for some other hobby work which reads and analyzes data from file, now I’m trying to learn idiomatic error handling and memory management. I feel like I’m rediscovering the late 1990s/early 2000s internet while I’m searching for references, though I’m uncovering better and more recent ones. So far: Ada is bizarre and verbose, but if it compiles, it probably works. I’ve written code in a lot of languages (C++, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, Rust, Haskell, …) and released code in many of those. This feels like something else entirely, so I still don’t know enough to form an informed opinion for or against it.

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            I’m writing a… I guess it’s a brag document, but not so much focussed on a particular time period. I’m going through my employers level definitions (this is what a junior dev does, this is what a mid-level dev does, etc) and coming up with evidence for each, because preparing stuff for performance reviews always takes me ages.

            This is taking me days but only because I’m going back to stuff I did in mid-2019. Hopefully keeping it up to date won’t be so arduous.

            I’m also looking at the Patreon Engineering Levels for inspiration, because they’re so much better than what my employer has. Does anyone know any other companies which have public, well-written, job level documentation like this?

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              This weekend I released the MVP of my webapp for planning events with friends (www.eventlandr.com) so now I’m doing some cleanup and working on the landing page. I’m gonna work on polish before I start adding features again. As a side note, I’ve been pretty happy with Phoenix and Elixir despite the lack of static typing.

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                I realized I don’t have any pictures or example events on the landing page, so here’s one: https://www.eventlandr.com/link/XunuFyNVKDdCQZeCROtsKA

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                  Very nice. Did you use Liveview anywhere? Or is mostly just CRUD stuff?

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                    No live view, just regular Phoenix views. I’d consider using it once I add comments to events.

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                  I was gonna write over the weekend but my brain said no, so I didn’t. Gonna try and see what I can do over the week.

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                    Hopefully replacing the neutral inhibitor switch on my tractor.

                    Also working on a native Smalltalk OS for RPi4.

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                      I read that as “neural inhibitor.” That would have been one hell of a tractor!

                      Do you have code up anywhere for the OS project, it sounds really interesting.

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                      • Some small feature and bug fix work on the Chicon 8 convention registration system
                      • Waiting to land my PR in starship so that I can upgrade my copy to use the released version instead of hand-built
                      • Helping my partner set up her laptop
                      • Some work stuff, too. :D
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                        Shipping an update to my blog that I’ve been wanting to do for a while: better UI theming including honoring the prefers-color-scheme CSS query. I did a basic implementation a few years back but the light/dark themes weren’t particularly well thought out nor did it honor prefers-color-scheme. I wrote about it, for the curious.

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                          • Prepping for a case interview end of the week.
                          • Nervously waiting for feedback after an interview for a perfect job I passed last week. (Feedback due this week or the next)
                          • Sending a few more CV in case none of the three companies I had interviews last week go through.
                          • We get some gas for you siphon coffee maker and polishing my technic and enjoying various specialty coffees.
                          • Doom emacs, org mode, here we are again.
                          • Try to find a solution for reading all the pdf and epub I have hoarded. Reading on my laptop is meh but others solutions (e-reader, tablet, remarkable 2, smartphone) don’t seem appealing or worth the investment.
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                            I’m really happy with my Kindle Oasis for reading stuff.

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                              Even pdf with a lot of graphics or images or formulas?

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                                people just rave over the reMarkable for PDFs. I have not used one myself, and they are expensive, but might also be worth looking into.

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                                  I was close to pull the trigger twice the last six months on it, it is a bit too expensive and niche to go all in with closed eyes. I read so much about it. I am afraid to miss the color on the screen to be honest and the note taking part… Not sure how it compares vs my fountain pens and notebooks. On the more expensive side, I have been able to use a bit an ipad pro and you can to so much with but not sure that the reading experience would be better than the laptop.

                                  I have been back and forth with those arguments in my head. I was almost resigned to buy a printer too and print the hell of it but it is also not a solution.

                                  I may have just to sit on my hands waiting to see the perfect product never come. It is just too pricey for me to accept an half solution to my very personal requirements.

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                                    I bought it with the thought that I’d return it if I didn’t get use out of it. They offer free returns within 30 days.

                                    I ended up keeping it. For reading, no screen beats e-ink imho. Remarkable isn’t perfect but I like the hardware and the hackability.

                                    If you’re on the fence, I’d give it a try and just return it if it’s not for you.

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                                You enjoy the botnet, do you?

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                                  “the botnet”?

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                              I want to add real-time chat to my app/website (user to users messages and users/events messages). Never did much websockets before so it’s going to be interesting.

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                                Mostly working on a new backup tool for kvm/libvirt which allows online full and incremental backups (https://github.com/abbbi/virtnbdbackup)

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                                  Big release happening next Monday. So you know, hopefully sorting out all breaking changes before then.

                                  It’s been chill though.

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                                    It is my last week at my current job, so I am wrapping things up Then a 2 week break and my new job starts. It is mostly following up on lose ends, closing long forgotten tickets and writing down those things that only I seem to know.

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                                      Dad had quadruple bypass last week, so hanging out with him while he recovers (self-isolated for 2 weeks in prep and made it just now). Guess we’ll all be binging some TV shows and movies.

                                      Besides that I’m halfway through the crypto course by Cristof Paar and I want to continue that :)

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                                        I’m at a cabin for the week not thinking about work and mostly not thinking about my projects. Though I now have a subscription through my work to read (AFAIK) any O’Reilly book I want, so I might read about audio electronics because my EE degree is pretty much going to waste while I do nothing but write software for work and building my own DAC sounds like fun.

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                                          Work: I am working with vendor support for two different products and handling several complex ETL requests.
                                          Personal: Reading the Penric and Desdemona series and going for walks.

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                                            Building a texting program but having a problem on how to serve commandline output as html page over localhost

                                            Has anyone dealt with similar problem

                                            1. 1

                                              Could probably pipe into a wrapper around python’s builtin httpd

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                                              I’m on week 2 of a sabbatical, so doing some of the following:

                                              • driving school
                                              • playing some worker placement board games (just got through a solitaire round of Viticulture, what a fun game)
                                              • building out a digital version of Everdell for “practice” on trying to do a client-server thing that isn’t some CRUD app
                                              • Trying to fix my Emacs setup (somehow leading me to writing a patch for lsp-mode at the moment..)
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                                                Curious to hear more about driving school. Any particular topics? I’ve always thought it would be cool to attend one of those rally school courses.