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    Great idea!

    This project could be improved with some help from a native English speaker as there are a few spelling and usage problems, but none are show stoppers.

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      I just finished reading it and honestly didn’t notice anything that prevented me from understanding it.

      Maybe not being a native speaker makes it easier to understand other non-native speakers? :)

      Regardless, it’s GitHub, so PRs are prolly welcome.

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        I wasn’t suggesting that there are barriers to understanding, just that if a native speaker had the time and energy to help that the project could be improved, that’s all.

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          Thanks for clarifying!

          I interpreted your comment more like “I like the idea but the English is not good enough.”

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      This is great! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll definitely be coming back to this.

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        Worth an upvote just for the crustacean reference.