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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      Rewriting my website to be more accessible and minimal.

      Also I’ve been playing with neural networks in Clojure with Neanderthal. My desktop is pretty old, so it’s going to be a hassle to get the backends to work right though.
      First I tried CUDA but realised I don’t have enough storage space. I figured it probably doesn’t support my old card (GeForce GT 630) anyway.
      Then I tried OpenCL’s drivers for legacy Nvidia, but found out my GPU doesn’t support double precision.
      I gave up and fell back on my CPU (AMD Phenom — no AVX) with Intel’s proprietary MKL library.
      Besides these road bumps, it’s been going well. I’m playing with the idea of using deep learning to generate microtonal music.

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        What do you train the network on? Would be fun to try something like King Gizzard’s Flying Microtonal Banana. Speaking of which (sorry for hijacking your thread) someone did in 8-bit:


        (Though I like the 8-bit versions of their other albums more, they remind me more of 80ies/90ies games).

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          Turkish makam music. (Which, coincidentally, significantly influenced Flying Microtonal Banana — ‘Sleep Drifter’ in particular was inspired by Âşık Veysel’s ‘Kara Toprak’.) So far, my data set is SymbTr, a compilation of makam music scores in machine readable format. There are several papers on identifying and classifying microtonal (specifically makam) music, but I haven’t seen any on producing new music, so I figured I might try and make something to fill that gap.

          If you’re interested in microtonal music studies, I recommend works of Tolgahan Çoğulu. I was inspired to do this after he gave a talk in my alma mater.

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      I worked with Gwern to make a few improvements to Gwern.net. He’s been somewhat obsessed with making non-annoying popups for his site, which seems like a great idea. Basically, whenever you hover your mouse over a link, it shows a screenshot of what the site looks like.

      It works on mobile too. Or at least, it did.

      My contribution was relatively minor. He had screenshots of YouTube videos, which wasn’t very helpful, so I put together some code to embed the YouTube video in the popup on mouseover. It’s actually quite nice watching a video in a popup without navigating to the site.

      The reason I’m working on it is that my own site is a fork of his. https://www.shawwn.com I’m hoping that people will be able to use it whenever they want a site to write various essays, code snippets, tutorials, math formulas, and you don’t want it to be Medium.

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      In free time, working toward correct parsing of basic JavaScript programs for an interpreter. Trying to discover the right API and structure for a user-land network stack. And getting flags and basic branching working in an x86_64 emulator.

      At work, hiring/interviews and making progress on internal tooling for spinning up PoC/sales/testing environments via CloudFormation.

      At home, looking into Vio Bank for the 2.52% interest rate now that Marcus/Goldman Sachs is down to 2%. Also trying to help my wife find some contract JavaScript work remotely and/or in Seoul.

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      Writing (read: attempting to write) a window manager in Nim. Haven’t got very far, and most of the code belongs in an Italian restaurant. It’s at https://github.com/minimalwm/minimal, for those interested.

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      Just released https://api.unverified.email - a catch-all smtp to automate email testing. There are still some challenges - for one I don’t quite know if the license is right. I would like to know if someone installs a fork and is running it on their own, but also I would like the current deployment to be open for everyone regardless if they are having their code open or not.

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      I’m in Toronto for my on-site induction week at a new (remote) job. First day is Tuesday, so I have today (Monday) off to rest up and look around. Thought about going to see Niagara Falls, but can’t stomach the 4+ hours on public transport after a full day of flying yesterday. Any Toronto crustaceans feel like meeting up? (My hotel’s at 92 Peter St!)

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        I’m not a Torontonian but speaking of stomachs, Toronto is a great food city if you’re into stomach-driven tourism!

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      Evacuating from the track of hurricane Dorian

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      Still on holidays in Canada and I can tell you, my plan of staying away from the computer is working out great. 😊

      Flying home tomorrow.

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      Preparing a Rust/Tensorflow project for compatibility with Tensorflow 2.0. Quite a lot of stuff can use tf.compat.v1 for now, but there are also some remaining uses of tf.contrib that need to be migrated to tensorflow-addons (if it provides similar functionality). So far, the tf_upgrade_v2 utility has been pretty helpful.

      Also finishing up some experiments.

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      Adding user home and registration to my todo bot service http://srcoftruth.com. The forms use higher kinded data types and at the end of this sprint I may have a new form library that shakes out.

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      I’m going to continue working through Crafting Interpreters, and I’m reintroducing myself to Pony.

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      Waiting for my wife to go into labour, pretending to do work while at work and last but not least learning Rust by writing a High Score app for our Git repo. Just another week in a so called life.

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        Good luck!

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      Not work:

      • Writing an Aho-Corasick implementation, and maybe a few other string matching odds and ends. I’m finding that I work well if I let myself alternate between parts of my library I work on.
      • Keeping an eye on Hurricane Dorian (we’re in NC, far enough inland that current projections are tropical storm winds, local flash-flooding. Should be fine, but gotta be prepared).
      • Another household/financial organization kick.


      • Onboarding a new teammate, with the twist that he worked here around three years ago and then left.
      • Possibly getting a bunch of people together to talk about how we manage dependencies.
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      Days 73-80 of 100 Days of Code in Python.

      Today’s lesson is on the Selenium Python driver. Wow there is all manner of constructive mischief I could get myself up to with this at work :)

      (Casts a hairy eyeball at teams who refuse to vend APIs :)

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      I was away at a conference last week, so tomorrow I’m catching up and filling in my expenses. Rest of the week depends on how much progress my co-workers made on our project while I was out.

      Outside of work, I’m working on a Common Lisp library that uses Blend2D to render 2D graphics for OpenGL texture maps. The initial test application is a simple viewer for displaying Blend2D graphics and animations in real-time rather than writing to bitmap files.

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      Learning for LFCS exam.

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      Decided over the weekend to stop eating the maintenance cost of running Home Assistant (one python upgrade too many bit me), just to expose a handful of wifi relays and a doorbell into HomeKit (Apple’s smart home ecosystem.) Remembered about ruby_home and prowl. So far I have it sending me a push notification when the doorbell is rung, which is by far the most important bit of my “smart” home. Need to write a HomeKit <=> MQTT wrapper for the switches to get back the ability to shout “Hey Siri, turn my office off”.

      Also visiting the office for a couple of days this week, so that’ll be another ~3 hours of podcasts enjoyed in the car, and some valuable face-to-face time with folks in the office I suspect. Definitely taking my noise cancelling headphones though, make a world of difference when I’m sat at one of the hot desks near the sales staff.

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      A lot of housekeeping. I have two books in the works. I need to set up LeanPub locations for them, establish my workflow/pipeline, load some initial content, maybe sketch out a book cover for each.

      We were supposed to be at the beach, but Dorian had other plans for us.

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      I’m doing the same thing I’ve been doing for a while, putting more commits into my decentralized message board system. This week, as Burning Man winds down, I’m finally finishing up the BM-specific features I’ve been working on.. It’s somewhat disappointing, but that’s life for you. I’m glad to have had this motivation to test and develop more, and it’s resulted in several usability improvements.

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      Improving the Graph Galaxy - a WYSIWYG editor for graph visualization.