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    Cool. Might be worth putting an “about the authors” snippet in there. I like reading things, but it’s really important to consider the source. I feel like a lot of advice for programmers out there isn’t contextualized enough.

    Examples of things I want to know:

    • Is this person running an agency? Do they just need to build X more things faster?
    • Is this person building a 10+ year company? Do they need long-term infrastructure?
    • Is this person a frontend, backend, fullstack, functional, etc programmer?
    • Does this person manage? Are they a tech lead? Do they write code every day?
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      I really like the idea of anonymous ideas that can be considered and discussed purely based on their merit without clouding the judgement with considerations of source (how often do people blindly accept bad ideas from popular sources and never even consider possibly-good ideas from less-known ones?).

      Whether or not an idea is beneficial or not in some particular context - can be discussed and considered by readers. No advice should ever be applied as-is anyways.

      I think even thinking of it as “advice” is not ideal. Anything published out there (Internet, journal, newspaper, whatever…) should be considered “ideas”, which maybe helpful to your own ideas. “advice” has a very authoritarian feel to me, and authority is generally meant to dominate, not empower. Peer-to-peer idea sharing is meant to mutually empower.