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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    • Enjoying my new car
    • Visiting the office to see some folks, some of whom I’ve never met in meatspace before
    • 3d printing various bits & pieces to improve the shelf-rack (mostly spacers to stop equipment sitting directly on each other)
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      Nice ride!

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      Flying to Lisbon, Portugal.

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        • Testing the new hot failover mechanism in our product; there’s sure to be a lot of work there
        • Some minor work on email threat analysis
        • Hopefully pushing my new regex engine forward a bit
        • I’d like to write a paper on what I believe to be a novel data structure used in said regex engine; I’d like to at least get that started
        • Meeting an old friend for socially-distanced beers
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          Hopefully pushing my new regex engine forward a bit

          A library like Onigmo/PCRE or specific to a programming language like Python’s re module?

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            A library, usable from anywhere C libraries can be used. The engine has some really interesting properties, some of which I think aren’t present anywhere else. I’m playing it close to the chest right now but I’m really hoping to have something to show in the next month or so.

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          Working more on my book.

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            Vacations are over so:

            • Attempt to survive the week
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              Taking the week off and going to Portland. If anyone has recommendations I’m all ears.

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                Working on a follow-up post to this one that dives into building a real-time collaborative editor with Elixir and Delta.

                Also preparing for my talk at ElixirConf ;)

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                  Away from work for two more weeks due to collar bone surgery after a bike accident, I’m spending time catching up on Python to prepare for an upcoming data science project. Haven’t touched the language in a decade, so there’s a lot of new stuff, and so far all good. In 20 years time it might even be half as nice as Ruby ;)

                  Gave up fighting with tooling in vscode, and have reluctantly accepted that PyCharm (with defaults for now) is indeed the perfect IDE for this.

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                    I got a new door installed in the shed, but I need to do most of the finish work in my free time this week - casing, painting, etc. A little nervous about doing the casing as I don’t have a great way to do the miter cuts, but it’s only a shed so it’s not a big deal if it’s a little rough. I’ve already redone the stucco around the outside but I didn’t quite get a perfect color match, so for a second coat I’m going to try to get it closer on.

                    I also need to get another blog post done this week, and for some reason this is already shaping up to be a mysterious bug week at work. Found two cases of “works for me but not for you” today that I need to dig into. One is an API call that… worked from postman but not from CURL? either it’s something weird about headers and detecting encoding or I just typo’d one of them and didn’t figure it out because it was late in the day.

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                      • Getting used to the labwc wayland compositor (stacking windows, wlroots) - I’d like to try embedding Lua into it, but first job is getting it to a place I can dogfood it

                      • Finding some people to review my new command line password manager moss (like pass but with age instead of gpg) and tell me what I missed security-wise

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                        Hey, you made a typo in your link to moss. I think you meant https://github.com/telent/moss

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                        • Currently working on book that covers coreutils commands for text processing
                        • Exploring ways to improve my book sales. Been close to three years since I first published a book and I’ve mostly been relying on “free” book sales. I only started selling as a much better way to get donations. Just want to have a more stable returns.
                        • Finished “Piranesi” last weekend and enjoyed it, haven’t yet decided what to read next
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                          Finishing up all sorts of random work things in prep for a Big Demo next week. Digging up data sets for videos, massaging config files, making sure network setups and cell hotspots will work, etc.

                          Continuing work on Garnet, my “what if Rust was small” language experiment. Somewhat unexpectedly, adding anonymous structs seems to have made things simpler rather than more complicated. At least so far. My memories of using OCaml’s structs are seldom fond, so I am a little hesitant about adding similar functionality.

                          Playing with my cat more. Note for others: Training an adult, large, very friendly and quite excitable dog to be friends with a cat is probably possible, but is definitely an uphill battle. Dog psychology is a lot more complicated than you might expect, and a lot of it is hardwired in more than learned.

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                            I’m camping at Bosque Del Oso State Wildlife Area south west of Trinidad, CO, fly fishing and biking until wednesday or thursday.

                            I’m taking the technician level ham exam on August 28, so when I get home I need to study for that.