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    Honestly I’d cut them some slack. It’s easy to assume that a company their size just has all the money to pay for testing and qa and expertise.

    But the truth is it’s probably just a handful of engineers who are passionate about playing well in the Linux ecosystem who will probably fix this and not make the mistake again.

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      100% this.

      The OP should assume its a mistake and not malice.

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        It’s not as if the debian packaging rules are simple and easy to understand.

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          I think if you didn’t know that forcibly removing whatever was at /bin/sh was bad, then no packaging rules can save you.

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        rm /bin/sh ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh

        I mean, wow. On Ubuntu, /bin/sh is a symlink to dash and that’s very much on purpose.

        Now I’m tempted to go see what their vscode deb package is doing.

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          Microsoft has been notoriously bad at Linux packages forever. Ask anyone whose had to install Hyper-V extensions manually.

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              Wow. First, it removes /usr/bin/R from your system without asking and replaces it with a symlink to Microsoft’s version of R, then it deletes /bin/sh and symlinks it to bash. I can’t tell if Hanlon’s razor applies here, but this is pretty bad.

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                Firstly, yes, some pretty bad mistakes here.

                Secondly, if it’s as easy to fix as OP makes out then he/she could have submitted a PR instead of writing a blog post. That would have actually got the message to the right people.

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                  Not quite a PR but there has been an issue for it since 2016 https://github.com/Microsoft/microsoft-r-open/issues/20