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    I’m not sure why this is being flagged as spam, because I don’t think it is, in spite of the clickbait title. I don’t agree with a lot of it though. The general problem seems to be that it confuses with “this works well for me” with “everyone should be doing this”. It also has a large bias towards front-end/app development, which is not what most developers are doing, so a lot of that is simply not applicable for “every developer”.

    You don’t need to “spend money on solid hardware”. Most of GoatCounter is developed 12” ThinkPad with 4G memory (not even using an external screen). At my last job I was one of the most productive people in the company with the same setup.

    When that broke last month (Singapore streets are slippery in the rain 😞) I got the cheapest laptop I could find with eMMC – so I could swap the drive from my ThinkPad – and I’ve been working on that just fine. I spent about €300 on it. The only downside is that the screen is rather crap, so I got a monitor a few days ago. Other than this, I hardly notice the difference, and getting some fancy i7 or whatnot – which I’ve also had – is not something that would make a difference.

    Of course, not running every ls instance in a k8s managed Docker container like some people seem to be doing these days helps a bit here…

    I have an iPhone SE and you will pry it from my cold dead hands. Nothing newer that I know of could be considered an “upgrade” as far as I’m concerned (and I don’t even like iOS).

    I remember way back someone that told me they couldn’t download my app because it required iOS 9 and I remember thinking “This person is in software development?”

    What a weird and condescending comment. I don’t like smartphones and the only reason I even have one is because I “need” it for WhatsApp etc. Are now wondering if I’m in software development? Not everyone is the same…

    Just like some industries you need to drive a fancy car to have nice clothes or the latest jewelry.

    In what kind of industry do you need to drive a fancy car or have the latest jewellery? This sounds like bullshit people with bullshit jobs and/or attitudes.

    In technology, we need to stay as current as we can afford with our computers, software and mobile phones as our customers may be using the latest technology.

    A customer may also be using older technology. In fact, most people actually are, as they couldn’t care less about tech, which is why so many are still running on Windows 7 in spite of the recent EOL (and XP before that). People just want to start their computer, write a document or chat on Facebook, and turn it off again. Everything else – such as “upgrading” to Windows 10 – is often quite rightfully considered as fucking about with this fucking piece of shit that never fucking works.

    I believe a good developer would read or skim at least 3-5 blog posts per day

    Yeah, you learn so much from “skimming”…

    Also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFox3SRoVtw (nsfw language).