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    Is there a book or article that you would recommend for someone who was new to programming as well as go to get started with Go?

    Or would you recommend https://tour.golang.org/ as a good starting point?

    I’m interested from a Secondary School (High School) perspective. Thanks.

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      If you’re just learning how to program, I suggest starting with Python. For a high school student I’d recommend Learn Python the Hard Way. For a younger kid I’d recommend Learn to Program with Minecraft.

      I love Go, but it’s a working language. As an analogy: People should learn to be artistic with finger painting and acrylics, not an industrial sprayer. It’d be a shame to be turned off by programming because you started with too advanced, professional tools.

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        That’s an interesting perspective, thanks.

        I have come across Learn Python the Hard Way before, and also no starch press book Python for Kids is good.

        For younger children Scratch is a good introduction to programming, but since they moved from a smalltalk IDE to a flash based one, I’ve preferred to use Snap or BYOB as it was formally known.