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    However old it is, thanks for sharing, because:

    Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

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      How times have changed in 20+ years:

      Arch is my favourite linux distro with a really brilliant package manager and because of it being bleeding edge. By running it inside of WSL2, I don’t have to bother much about stability since it’s running inside Windows. But at the same time I get a full blown proper linux distro for my development work.

      (my emphasis)

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        They really, really, haven’t:


        Ugh, Microsoft literally flew him out to get an in person brain rape just to make sure they had all the product requirements down 🤮 (side note, I don’t really like that term because I feel it trivializes rape but I chose it because of how many times I’ve heard it in my career, especially with that TV show Silicon Valley being popular 😬).

        I’ve had one job interview like that and afterwards I felt so upset that it happened to me 🙁. It’s caused me to volunteer less information about my accomplishments, namely the methodology and the intuition behind it to prevent that type of leeching again. I’m sorry the author got used like that, especially by one of the richest companies in the world.

        Sounds like the same old entitled greedy Microsoft that my parents talked about when I was growing up, just with a new marketing spin to distract from what they truly are.

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          Sometimes, on weekends, I go through the drawers and I put my tinfoil hat on and I wonder if WSL2 is finally that point at which “the new Microsoft” is done with the first E, and is now moving on to the second one. Only time will tell, I guess.

          I find it unlikely that the managers and executives who were groomed at the height of the Halloween Documents era could do things differently. But then again, while those who don’t know history are indeed doomed to repeat it, those who dwell too much on it are likely to be surprised every step of the way…