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    Survey is obviously flawed. Dennis Nedry, the know it all who tries something clever and screws it all up, is most realistic.

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      What a strange list–not a single novel? (I think it’s safe to assume that respondents who mentioned Jurassic Park were referring to the movie).

      For my money, Ethan Levin and (especially) Roberta Walton (not technically a developer) from Ellen Ullman’s The Bug are some of the most realistic portrayals I’ve seen.

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        A fun thread!

        That said, urgh, Cameron Howe was probably my least favorite character in Halt and Catch Fire.

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          What did you dislike about her? Who was your fave?

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            So, Cameron Howe did basically every single hot-shot thing that makes you a shitty teammate. She was Mainc Pixie Dreamgirl with a C64 programming manual.

            There was a scene in season 2 where she basically played the “we’re a democracy card” and then immediately turned around to play the “well, it’s my company so lol whatever”. She was also completely clueless about business in Season 3…painfully so. Donna Clark was continuously shown as a more mature engineer, as a better and more empathetic person, and generally just better than the nerdbait that Howe was written as. She also treated Boz and others like shit, but wasn’t even as redeemable as Joe.

            Boz was probably my favorite, because he was humble and did his job regardless of the stupid around him.

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              Good point, although I haven’t made it to season 2 yet.