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    this is pretty cool. i did a similar thing ages ago, but with the bee movie script. because i needed to do /something/ to get through computer science classes at high school, i also went through the script and modified it to use the toki pona phonology, which didn’t get me as far as i wanted, but did get me farther than using the full alphabet.

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      I encoded 3 books as QR codes and printed them as part of my bachelor’s degree graduation work. Something between conceptual and generative art lol. They were not compressed (so you could scan any part of it and see the text) but they were still smaller than the original plain-text.

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      How about making a video out of those QR Codes? I believe this could be a natural fit, recent codecs are particularly useful at compressing information, and QR Codes’ error correction could mitigate the compression artifacts maybe?