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    Now I want to write a 6502 emulator in a spreadsheet.

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      I wrote game of life in Google sheets app script 10 years ago. The biggest problem was that you had to single step through it. Also, this was cheating since it’s basically JS that calls a spreadsheet library.

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        Yeah, single-stepping would be the easiest way. In the 6502 case it could be centered around the program counter – update the program counter, everything resolves, repeat as necessary.

        But you could also use the various sheets of the spreadsheet to offer different memory views. Like, one sheet interprets the right block of RAM as the Apple II’s primary hires screen. Then continue making sheets for the Apple II (second hires, lores, double hires, etc), then for other systems (as long as their video RAM is in main memory like the apple ii).

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          case it could be centered around the program counter

          Ooooh, that’d be interesting. “Advance the counter to here” and resolve. That’s an excellent idea, and I have absolutely no idea how to actually think about how to solve that. ;)

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        It almost feels like this is easier…

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        Feels kind of weird to commit a spreadsheet to a VCS.