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    Why is this tagged ‘erlang’? It seems pure rust, for rust, with only a joking comparison to erlang on the front page.

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      Because it’s essentially Erlang for Rust, so people interested in Erlang might find it interesting. I’m an Erlang guy myself, and I was curious about it.

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      This isn’t really specific to Bastion, but there seems to be a new trend where everyone dual licenses their software. When I first got into free software, I always seem to remember reading this was bad and I shouldn’t do it. Has the wisdom changed and I just didn’t realize it? Or is everyone just no longer following the “rule” consequences be damned?

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        I think it’s mostly a trend in rust projects because rust is licensed that way: https://internals.rust-lang.org/t/rationale-of-apache-dual-licensing/8952/5

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          Dual licensing with what the language implementation project really wants plus something that accomplishes GPLv2 compatibility and the library ecosystem using the same licensing as the language implementation is not a new trend. It goes back all the way to Perl.

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            There’s been a cultural shift.

            In part, it’s driven by the spate of companies selling OSS hosting - eg AWS taking the foss elasticsearch and selling it as a hosted service.

            Quite a few people started to feel like they were spending their nights and weekends working in order to make money for someone who wasn’t contributing a commensurate amount back.

            Another part is the growing realization that ‘pure-tech’ purpose-agnostic tools are being used in real life to eg put children in cages around the US. Lots of OSS authors have become particularly uncomfortable at the idea of their work reducing the cost of that.

            There’s probably more to it than that, but I’ve definitely seen both of those reasons given.

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              How is this relevant to the question asked? The Rust/Bastion license clearly isn’t part of the shift you are referring to.

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                The question opened with

                This isn’t really specific to Bastion, but there seems to be a new trend

                That didn’t strike me as an attempt to find out about rust or bastion specifically.