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    My tendency to hold down backspace in some situations has exposed a surprising number of wonky input bugs over the years. A certain large web site had a text input form that acted on every single character typed instead of just letting it be a simple client-side TEXTAREA. If you held down BS long enough, it would actually jump all the way back to the beginning of the field.

    I especially hate the custom “phone number” input fields that automatically show extra junk (the [()- ]* in +0 (000) 000-00-00). They fall apart quickly, especially in Firefox on Android — sometimes just typing fast means the numbers are inserted out of order.

    I don’t want any color in my editor that I didn’t put there first… and I don’t put color anywhere. I want it to match the same scheme which the rest of my terminals have: green on black.

    For bonus Hacker Aesthetic points, do the green on black thing in cool-retro-term :D