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      Hopeful that someday it makes it to one of the BSDs. Fingers crossed.

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        Yeah would be nice to see it be another quality VPN standard. One of the WireGuard developers did mention being open to porting it to the BSD’s, as well as re-liscensing.

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          That was 2 years ago and it’s still GPL. It doesn’t look like they require copyright attribution from contributors, so re-licensing now may be difficult.

          I hope they didn’t believe what the self-proclaimed “hardcore BSD user” said in that thread, which is completely wrong.

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            I’m still up for porting this to the BSDs. If you know any BSD kernel developers who would like to work on this with me, please do put them in touch.

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      I’d love to switch to WireGuard but still waiting for either a slow userspace port to android or support in my ROMs (Copperhead OS) kernel for it, until then I still need IPSec for my phone and so switching the rest of my infrastructure does not really make sense.

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        I’m currently using ShadowSocks on my phone, and it’s fantastic. Worth looking at? WireGuard on everything I can though.

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      I can’t sing enough praise for WireGuard. I’ve set up IPSec (strongswan and OpenIKED), OpenVPN, tinc, and pretty much every VPN software under the sun, nothing holds a candle to WireGuard. The adoption of formal methods, the smart cryptographic choices, and the code quality have made me a daily user.

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        This doesn’t worry you? I’ve lost so many hours fighting IPsec, and dream about using WireGuard, but…

        WireGuard is not yet complete. You should not rely on this code. It has not undergone proper degrees of security auditing and the protocol is still subject to change. We’re working toward a stable 1.0 release, but that time has not yet come.

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          For my own person infastructure not a bit, it’s beta software, I know the risks and accounted for them when setting things up. I have been following WireGuard from it’s very early stages and it’s code quality already far exceed that of almost every other VPN software. I am not suggesting people rely on it until 1.0, but it is something you should play with, because it made me fine with dealing with it’s beta state instead of fighting IPSec/OpenVPN.

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      A nice description of how WireGuard works on Linux, and how it’s different from other VPN implementations.

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      been looking to setup a wireguard vpn, seems like fun, the auto routing of tinc seems handy however, not sure how to accomplish something like that via wireguard.