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    Style note for the author: the code in here is almost impossible for me to read. Dark blues on black background.

    Edit: it’s been made easier to read now.

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      I’m glad others pointed this out. Very distracting reading experience.

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        I changed the code highlighting theme. (I am working on changing the website design too).

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          That’s much better, thank you!

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            While you’re at it, I’d suggest tweaking the font size and margins on mobile. The lines of text get uncomfortably short.

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              I pushed a fix, let me know if it works for you.

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          Yeah, I have to agree. Screenshot from my phone for reference:


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          I implemented sum in SINK interpreter by John Shutt (RIP), and called it meta. It works on all user-defined procedures.

          ref: https://git.sr.ht/~amirouche/sink-kernel/commit/10471e6e80451378ed8e64dca704a043363df705