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Whiley is a hybrid object-oriented and functional programming language. Whiley employs extended static checking to eliminate errors at compile time, including divide-by-zero, array out-of-bounds and null dereference errors. Extended static checking is made possible through the use of an automated theorem prover. Whiley compiles to the Java Virtual Machine and is fully inter-operable with existing Java applications.


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    It’s basically an experimental language doing stuff like SPARK and Dafny are doing. They’re more mature at the moment in case someone wants to try to use one of these in practice. Links below. I’d be curious to see a hands-on test of Whiley vs SPARK in what errors it can catch and what constraints exist on expressing programs.



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      Saw it on Reddit and found this post while trying to submit it to Lobsters. Is the language still actively developed? The post is from March of this year.

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        It appears to be active. See: https://github.com/Whiley