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    Overbitenx appears to use some massive workarounds to get gopher support into FF. It’s a shame that Firefox’s new playpen is so strict.

    In Firefox, go to about:debugging and add a “Temporary Add-on.” Browse to where you put the repo, enter the ext directory, and select manifest.json. You will need to repeat this step every time Firefox starts up.

    From a practical point of view: it might be easier to install and setup a gopher<->ht* gateway. You only have to do that once.

    It seems though that this is not what the author wants and it looks like the he hopes the workaround won’t be needed in the future. I suspect he has a vision of a single addon working like it used to in the pre-webextensions days.

    Mr Classila, I hope it turns out well.

    Onyx is written in C. Although C is not a safe language (please, Rusties, don’t send me E-mail, I don’t want to hear it), it is the most portable option right now and allows Onyx to be built with a minimal toolchain.

    Hahaha. I’ve previously released some C code along with a copy of TCC (~2MB) and a batch file. This let Windows users rebuild all sources within seconds with a simple double-click; without having to install anything. It’s at that point I discovered the magic of C portability, and I don’t think I’ll be looking back for a long time.