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I hacked this together last night after trying a number of time-tracking/Pomodoro apps and realizing I disliked all of them and could just make one that fits my style. The goals for the tool are: simplicity, a command-line interface, and an optional plaint-text logging format that lends itself simple analysis with tools like awk and grep.


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    Unfortunately, in many fonts, pom is nearly indistinguishable from porn, so this is a sort of unfortunate choice of name.

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      This is exactly what I read the first time. I thought it was labeled as “productivity porn”.

      May I suggest tom (from tomato, from pomodoro?)

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      Nice project, I will try it out at work tomorrow. Have been trying a few different solutions for time/task tracking, but this is a really simple approach.

      I would suggest that you set 25 minutes to default since this is the default interval time specified by the pomodoro technique

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        Thanks! Just pushed this change.

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        It has some errors on OpenBSD including the -s option for which. I’ll open an issue about it if you’d like.

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          Yes, please do. I’d like to make it portable.

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            Great! I’ll play with it a little more and let you know. Thanks!

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          This inspired to me write one in Go that did what I wanted (specify number of pomodoros, break time, and pomodoro time).

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            This link is 404'ing for me.

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              Whoops – I forgot that I ended up renaming the repository.

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                You accidentally linked to your old repository again, I think. Here is the current one.