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    Synk associates with a known sexual harasser and racketeer. Take it elsewhere.

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      For those like me who have no idea who any of these people are: care to expand?

      Quite aside from which, ‘is guilt by association suitable grounds for exclusion from lobsters’ is far from a settled question afaik.

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          I’m unaware of any sexual harassment allegations against Tom.

          He was fired for failing to stand up to his wife (who was making his employees miserable). Now, that’s perfectly reasonable grounds to remove a CEO, but I don’t understand how that makes him a monster.

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        …and you drive an SUV so even if you say something interesting nobody should be allowed to listen, and your wife eats meat so she should be shunned, your best friend went on a long flight to some sunny destination so ban him, his wife has her money in a bank which invests in nuclear energy so make sure she never gets a job, etcetera.

        These discussions can an should be had in a different context. If Synk did something onerous by all means take them up on it but don’t do that by calling out the mob on and trying to create pariahs out of everyone and every institution which does not fit your moral standards as all that leads to is a balkanised society.

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          I have no idea what you’re talking about, and searching didn’t turn up any results. If you’d like to have me not submit their stuff in the future, at least a little bit of evidence would be nice.