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    It’s good to see Lattice coming to their senses. The general feel in #yosys on FreeNode was that this snafu was just some overeager person in their legal department.

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      What’s FPGA and how it’s used (I’m a beginner)

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        It’s a “field-programmable gate array”. It uses very flexible hardware (arrays of specially interconnected look-up tables) to emulate specific hardware designs, typically written in Verilog or VHDL. These are mostly used to prototype hardware designs and verify logical correctness before physical layout and (very expensive!) manufacturing of ASICs. Occasionally these prototypes (“soft cores”) are deployed as-is in special purpose equipment, despite being slower and less efficient than an ASIC – they are much less expensive to manufacture and can be upgraded without replacing the physical hardware. They also are sometimes used to directly implement special-purpose (especially data-parallel) algorithms in logic gates.

        The small ones are pretty cheap now. You can rent bigger ones from AWS.

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          Oh i see thanks for explanation I heard they are used in HFT just looked up on google