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Hey, I just thought I’d share what is apparently a remarkably obscure language niche - Constraint Imperative Programming. Babelsberg seems to be the only recent manifestation of this but earlier languages/extensions in this family include Kalidescope and Alma0.

One of the appeals of this kind of approach is simplifying code while maintaining “intuitions”. For example, you can have a schema where one can go from a complex loop that implicitly maintains screen constraints while taking mouse messages to a simple message loop plus the explicit constraints. see page two of: https://constraints.cs.washington.edu/cip/kaleidoscope-asi.pdf And here we have simple, imperative solutions to the eight queens problems and others. https://www.cwi.nl/alma


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    Tim Felgentreff is, by the way, the person behind Topaz (Ruby in RPython/Pypy: https://github.com/topazproject/topaz).