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    I am interested. Do you have any pictures of the slides produced by either slideshow/simple or the slideshow package that underlies it? I searched and googled, but can’t find any in the docs of either…

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      The best example of a slideshow/simple presentation is the one I gave at Racketcon, here. There is now better support for code slides.

      Slideshow doesn’t really have a “typical” slide, because it’s super customizable, but simply running slideshow from the Racket distribution gives you a look at the general asthetic. It’s certainly not on the same level as something more professional, like Keynote, or Powerpoint, but it works and fits my model very well. See also the talk about #lang video At this years Racketcon for a really sweet example of slideshow’s raw power.

      edit to clarify, there is a PDF in that repo of the result.