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    I remember seeing this a while back. Is it actually still actively developed? I see a recently merged PR for the stdlib, but other than that it doesn’t look like there has been much activity lately. Given that the docs say it is in a “pre-alpha” stage, I assume that this isn’t a case of “no commits because the software is ‘done’,” but rather just a dev’s loss of interest in the project.

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      The author of it posted an update in the HN discussion a few days ago. Excerpt:

      I put about a year of work into this language, and then moved on about a year or so ago. One of the biggest reasons for my doing so is that I accomplished what I was looking for: a fast lisp that favored immutability and was built on the RPython toolchain (same as PyPy). But in the end the lack of supporting libraries and ecosystem became a battle I no longer wanted to fight.


      Some other developers have commit rights and have pushed it along a bit, but I think it’s somewhat a language looking for usecase. And these days ClojureScript on Node.js could probably be made to handle most peoples needs.

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        Not entirely sure, I had a bug fix approved. I suspect for major feature development there’d have to be some IRC legwork.