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A plugin I have written for vscode, posting here so it hopefully helps my fellow lobste.rs .

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    I asked for acme-style mouse chording some time ago but it was closed. Coupled with this and a plumber it could provide a nice experience.


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      It’s a shame we’ll never get chording, but customized mouse shortcuts might be a nice compromise if/when it gets worked on:


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      Hehehe, I have an acmeish theme :)

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        The video does a far better explanation than what I am capable of describing in writing.

        To save people from needing to watch the video, here’s a summary:

        The plugin provides two commands: “capture” and “run”. These commands can be executed with a keybinding that you set up yourself, by clicking on a button in the status bar, or from the Command Palette.

        First, you capture a command by selecting a string of text within an editor. So wherever you like, you could write date or | sort -u and then select and capture it. Any single command you could run from the command line would work. You might keep an editor on the side specifically for writing and reusing commands.

        Then you run the captured command. If the command starts with |, the selected text will be used as its input. Whatever the command outputs will be inserted at the cursor, or in place of the current selection.

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          Actually pipelines work too, thanks for writing a summary.

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          I use yhirose.FilterText which works pretty well for working on prose (formatting, etc), but this looks like the workload is a bit more fluid.

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            I didn’t know about that one, thanks :)