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Summary of new features:

  • Big UI improvements and polish
  • Redesigned plugin architecture and SDK
  • Grafana-cli command line tool shipped with grafana, installs plugins
  • Persisted dashboard playlists
  • Preferences like home dashboard, timezone and theme on org and user level
  • New plugin types, Apps, and Panels.
  • New platform site built around Grafana at Grafana.net
    • Plugin repository
    • Dashboard repository (coming soon)
    • Hosted Grafana and Hosted metrics (coming soon)
    • Monitoring and backups of on-prem Grafana (coming soon)
  • Annotation popovers can contain clickable links
  • Templated data source Easiy reuse the same dashboard for multiple data source instances
  • OSX Homebrew support Homebrew installation instructions
  • Support for InfluxDB 0.11+ (and new functions)

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    I’ve been a happy user of Graphite since before Grafana existed but I’m pretty sure with all these new features I’ll be switching soon to Grafana.

    Oh, and here’s an overview of all the new features in Grafana v3