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Something that happens often: I find a link that’s fascinating, but the lobste.rs discussion either isn’t there or adds nothing. I want to link directly to the content discussed, but don’t want to copy a long URL.

Is there some way to munge the URL to go directly to the linked content?


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    You mean a URL shortener?


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      Lobste.rs already functions close to a URL shortener. It has short URLs.

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        It’s close, but no, we don’t have a feature to act as a link shortener and don’t want to provide that feature and deal with the ways it gets used very differently from a discussion site.

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          It’s alright, some irc bot now includes the direct clickable link for my colleagues.

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      I haven’t dug into the code, but from inspection of the generated HTML, I think the answer is no right now. I’m not sure that building this feature is a priority; I think there are some security issues that come with operating what would effectively be a redirect service, and it would take a fair amount of attention. But the code is public, so by all means start a conversation over on GitHub if you’d like to implement it.