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      If you’re interested in that era, some other fun papers (that aren’t as dense / theory heavy as Girard’s original one introducing linear logic) are:

      • “The Linear Abstract Machine” by Yves Lafont (1988)
      • “Lilac, a functional language based on linear logic” by Ian Mackie (1991)
      • “Computational Interpretation of Linear Logic” by Samson Abramsky (date is a little complicated. The journal pub everyone cites is from 1993, but he was presenting the material in 1990, as publications as early as that or 1991 were referencing unpublished drafts of his, and he did conference versions in 1991/1992)

      The most famous, of course, is Wadler’s “Linear Types Can Change The World” (1990) but IMO it’s a pretty overrated (all the rest I’ve mentioned, while less known, are more interesting…)

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