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    Reminder: If you’re an actor, good or bad, and you don’t want to be traced, you should get Monero. Monero is designed to be anonymous whilst keeping all the features of the Bitcoin blockchain.

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      I think grincoin also has that capability.

      The last thing Grin strips away is something that literally every other cryptocurrency - even Monero - has. With Grin, the entire concept of addresses is eliminated. They just don’t exist. All transactions are created by direct wallet-to-wallet interaction!! Not only is this really cool, but it can be done over email, or any other method. The last great thing about killing addresses is that there is literally nothing to link you to. Even if you reuse the same wallet, there’s no need to create new addresses. Your privacy cannot even be violated by someone with whom you’ve transacted, because you have no address. Add Tor/VPN protection and privacy is further increased [1]

      [1] https://busy.org/@sames/grin-coin-vs-monero

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        But when using Monero, you have one public receiving address for all of your transactions, which can help to link identity with a Monero address.

        For example:

        You are going to buy/sell some Monero from a website and with same address also you are buy/sell some products at other website with same Monero address.

        But, at least transactions are private so it can’t be linked with blockchain transactions directly.

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          A recipient cannot know a sender’s address, which is why we have payment ids. You can use integrated addresses to avoid the risk associated with your real address being linked to your real identity.