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What are you doing this weekend? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    I just finished writing the same program in Rust that I have in Python and Go as well, I was considering doing a write-up of the experience and performance.

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      I’d be interested in reading that comparison

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      I’m working on my third Fallout 4 playthrough (Survival difficulty).

      I also hope to both create and view photography.

      (Edit phrasing)

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        I was originally planning on writing some DTrace-based flame graphs for Tor to find potential areas for performance improvements on HardenedBSD-based systems for Emerald Onion. However, my wife gently reminded me that this weekend is “date weekend” where we have something planned every day (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). So, instead, I’ll be paying attention to my wife. :)

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          “You have chosen… wisely.”

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          Learning/Practicing Rust!

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            I’m helping Code & Supply in Pittsburgh host a “technology yard sale”, encouraging folks to bring their backburnered project parts and other accumulated stuff for others to enjoy:

            We all tend to accumulate technology over the years that end up collecting dust. Just because you thought you were going to repurpose that iMac G3 into an aquarium and lost ambition doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t be thrilled to use it.

            I’ll be taking part, selling a bunch of SBCs, routers, hard drives, etc. that I’ve held onto for just the right application some day.

            Abstractions CFP review is finally over, so I’m fully back to focusing on finding sponsorships!

            Oh, and there’s some movie coming out that I should probably see but no one’s been talking about it at all. /s

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              I’ve been learning C for the past couple months by writing a web-based IRC client. The web facing bits are python, but some of the underlying services (the IRC connection itself and message cache) are. The stack is C + ZeroMQ + Cap’n Proto + Python - It’s been a blast!

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                On Saturday I’m making space in my lab for an Amiga 4000 I’m picking up next weekend. On Sunday I’m heading out to the New Forest with my partner to go walking the bluebell trails. We’re staying overnight, and coming back on monday.

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                  Apparently messing around with Vulkan-based rendering libraries in Rust.

                  I didn’t choose this life, it chose me.

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                    I’m finishing my entry for a 2-week game jam - it’s a JavaScript game I’m making with Glitch. Having lots of fun.

                    Also going to go to the Gotham Girls roller derby game and skate afterwards 💖

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                      Recovering from the work week. Man I hate my job

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                        Been getting into some toxic meetings at work and it’s not fun. Having to defend my team’s work (they’re all amazing) but bearing the brunt of not meeting unrealistic expectations has been taking a toll. Hopefully, the weekend will clear some fog. :)

                        1. Studied up on Rust lifetimes and testing chapters. Making good progress with the book.

                        2. Going to re-do some initial Project Euler problems and discuss some advanced ones with a colleague.

                        3. More annual and quarterly earnings/analysis report reading. Yay.

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                          So far, a bunch of improvements/bug fixes, and completing a whole heap of unit tests so I can release v2.5 of https://bitbucket.org/koalephant/shell-script-library soon.

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                            I’m traveling to Victoria to see the Butchart Gardens. Hopefully it’s as beautiful as it is in the pictures!

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                              My entire digital life, including Ubuntu and accessories and only excluding videos, happily lives in a 240 Gb SSD. I will spend some time this weekend to wipe out old files that aren’t anymore meaningful (I’m less than 5 Gb free now).

                              I don’t keep copies of videos - Youtube is enough, and I don’t need a movie I already watched or have no time to watch.

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                                • Now that the N-O-D-E zine is out, it will be good to start the process of preparing for the next issue.
                                • I have some magazine scanning to do. I’ve gotten way behind.
                                • I recently drug out most of my Sega Dreamcast consoles, and want to run DreamPi on a spare Raspberry Pi so I can do some online gaming using the Dreamcast’s modem.
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                                  I got an itch to pick up a gimbal for my phone (OnePlus 6) for some reason. I’ve never done any video before, just wanted to see if it was fun.

                                  The gimbal is the Zhiyun Smooth 4

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                                    Finally feel comfortable with releasing https://nhooyr.io/websocket

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                                      I live with my family and they’re moving, so I’m moving. Helping them move most of their things Saturday. Next Friday is my last day at work, and I don’t have a new job lined up yet. I’m planning to go to university in the fall so I’ll have to find something just for the summer. I also screwed up my dates so I have to go to the library Sunday and renew books, which is a 6 hour drive. A lot of driving this weekend.

                                      I don’t think I know much history, so I’m soliciting recommendations for history books. My plan is to do a general overview of world history and then delve into specific nations and events that influenced the West e.g. Rome and WWII.

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                                        One fantastic history book that I can recommend is Glimpses of World History by Jawaharlal Nehru - India’s first Prime Minister. He wrote much of it while he was in prison, with the express purpose of educating his daughter. It’s a massive, expansive work, and it covers both the east and the west. Nehru was particularly suited since he studied as a lawyer in UK, and came home to take part in the independence struggle - he’s a child of both worlds.

                                        One beautiful thing that this book does, which I have yet to see any other history book do, is that it relates different events happening in different parts of the world at the same time. We often see history as big events dotted over a timeline in various parts of the world, but the truth is that a lot of the things are happening simultaneously. Example: While Europe was going through the dark ages, what was happening in China?

                                        For a book of this size and scope, it’s amazingly readable as well - since it was basically just letters to his little girl.

                                        I would highly recommend this book, because while I was reading it, I distinctly remember thinking, “this is how history should be taught”.

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                                        I bought a new-to-me mountain bike yesterday, so I’ll be taking that out for a ride or two.

                                        Sunday I’ll probably go skiing.

                                        I’m hoping to read a bit.

                                        And I’ve been playing with the Blend2D Common Lisp bindings that I wrote. I’ve added a couple of convenience macros and functions, but I’d like to create a higher level interface of some kind. So I’ve been using the library and understanding the workflow of the drawing so that the higher level API can be efficient and convenient. Basically I’m just playing and creating neat graphics until I have a good idea for the API…

                                        It’s also about the time of year where I shave my head for the summer, so I might do that.

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                                          I’m going to be doing a decent amount of resting, and catching up around the house, spending time with family, and the like.

                                          I’m also currently hunting for software development jobs in Colorado Springs (I’m looking to relocate there for personal reasons), so I’ve been spending time polishing my resume and the like. I’ll be polishing off an application and sending it in tomorrow.

                                          At the moment (late Friday night), I’m spending some time working on an HTML-based outliner, because I’ve decided that all the web-based ones I’ve found so far don’t fit quite fit my needs. They have let me down by either by being super limited, or by costing money and not having a good payment processing scheme. Ultimately, I also want to be able to run this on local machines without having to worry about losing the data to the internet. I do want a web-based one, so that I can use it from a combination of a Chromebook, Dell Laptop, and my cell phone. It’s super early stages still, but I’m mirroring the git repository here until I make the time to stand up a gitea instance.

                                          I’m doing this project in part because I’ve found very good personal results from creating a web-based journal with a similar set of criteria. I like the journal for getting things out of my head, or tracking bits of work in progress (I found it especially helpful for tracking tickets and for rubber ducking through problems), but I think an outliner will work better for handling larger projects. Time will tell, however, but I’m willing to invest in seeing where the point of “this is helping me handle larger things” is.

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                                            I just got my copy of “Data Structures + Algorithms = Programs” by Niklaus Wirth.

                                            I’ll head to a nice coffee shop and spend some time going through it.

                                            Also just got Android: Netrunner (board game). Will defo spend some time playing it with a friend.

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                                              First two weeks of may are full of state holidays in Russia, so our team decided to swap around working days and work through this weekend to enjoy continuous two-week vacation with minimum amount of actual vacation days spent. We also had a release scheduled for yesterday, but turns out we actually did it on time and with minimum hassle, so this working weekend feels like a couple of very relaxed happy days to catch up on all the minor stuff.

                                              Aside from that, I have just recorded the first track with a new vocalist and right afterwards we wrote down text and structure for two next ones, all in one evening, and I can’t wait to develop these ideas into something real. Sitting at work, I listen to reference tracks all days and occasionally write down things to steal and imitate.

                                              And if I have any time left, I’m halfway through cis134 Haskell course, and it’s the most joy I’ve gotten from programming for the last few years. I’ve never been a dynamic language kind of guy, so it’s about the first time of my life where I work in REPL most of the time – have never expected it out of Haskell and wish someone told me sooner about what a wonderful workflow it is!

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                                                I went out to listen to music this weekend. Delightfully, and by happenstance, I got to listen to Larry Lobster as part of a set by Nessie the Great. I was sitting near to that band’s entourage, and it is easy to get a crowd worked up over a cartoon character, so we did.

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                                                  Studying french. My flight to Montreal is in 6 days.

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                                                    Working on my computer organization assignments, basically we have to implement some image filters (convolution filters for example) in x86_64 assembly using SSE instructions, after that we need to do a performance analysis of the C implementations vs the assembly implementations.

                                                    Also I have some midterms next week, so yeah, I’ll pretty much be in my room for the weekend.

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                                                      Hosting a workshop about my ongoing project showsync at the Cycling ’74 Expo.

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                                                        Huh. That’s not the ‘cycling’ I thought it was. What does ‘cycling’ mean in the context of this event?

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                                                          Heh nope, Cycling ’74 is the rather creative name of the company that makes the visual programming language Max. It seems it is inspired by the title of a magazine that happened to lie around the office when they started the company.

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                                                        Took a day off work last week to attend a wedding and have felt a week behind since, so likely going to do a couple small work things that have been neglected. Outside of that, hope to get out and tune up my bike and perhaps do a short ride, get my gym membership renewed, and clean up the projects bench that’s accumulated a pile of WIP over the last few weeks (maybe even finish a couple of them.)

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                                                          Spent a few hours writing Ruby to automate Tmux to get vim-tmux-navigator to play nicely with nested tmuxen (e.g. running tmux locally and SSHed into a machine also running tmux), and then heading to the Serenity Gathering festival tomorrow and Sunday. Sunday night I might polish up and post the aforementioned Ruby script…