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      I’m a simple man: I see a monospaced font, I try it.

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        I’ve gone through enough rounds of “try new monospaced font for a few days, go back to bitstream vera” that I don’t bother any more, though it’s always fun to see people developing them.

        (the one exception was years ago when a very specific combination of display resolution, font size, and using win2k made lucida console look perfect on my machine, but I have never been able to replicate that. fonts are weirdly individual things)

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          s/Lucida Console/Go Mono/ and you’d be right for most of the last however many years for me…

          …but Berkeley Mono got me. It’s pretty nice.

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      I like this one; I’ll be giving it a try.

      Minor note: Typographers often hide funny phrases in type specimens; the old ATF catalogs are full of them. They’re often driven by the constraint of exactly filling a line without adding extra space. In the specimen here I noticed “OldButSanePotus”, which is such an apt description of Joe Biden…

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        I kind of like it too, and have been trying it. I’ll give it a little more time to see where I land, but I suspect I’ll probably switch back to JetBrains Mono in my editor and keep this around to use for code snippets in slides. My early results are that I find the italic style a little distracting as I’m writing code, but I really like it for reading code.

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      Personally, not my cup of tea, as I dislike cursive typographies, specially in computers.
      I find cursive in computers to be uncanny, not human.

      Also, I don’t want my code to look “human and informal” at parts.
      I want it to look consistently dull.
      The most fun I want from its looks should come from the syntax highlighting.

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      I’ve tried this a long time ago, and found it illegible. It’s very spindly, and it’s hard for me to discern the boundaries between letters

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        Somebody I used to have to pair program with lot used this font and it drove me insane

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          I find the cursive r hard to parse at a glance.

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      Are the ligatures for <$, <$>, and $> standard? I think they look very confusing (and if I may add, ugly).

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        I expect those are for Haskell.

        I find they are somewhat abominable.

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      I like the italics, though not sure I’d stick with them or if they’d be too much long term… but any font without a no-ligatures file is a hard stop for me.

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      I know I don’t have to use them but ligatures bother the crap out of me when I’m looking at and reading code. That’s not the character that was typed is what I say to myself.

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      Looks great on the website, but trying it on my computer it looks too thin and some letters don’t space out well: wide letters look squished.

      Or my eyes are just too used to jetbrains mono by now, and I’m too far gone!

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        I use it as daily driver on VSCode, Emacs and terminal. Use medium weight as default is too thin.

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      I used this typeface for a while. I liked it a lot! One of my favourite programming fonts.