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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    In the span of one hour yesterday:

    • My HVAC system completely died (air mover motor burned out).
    • My sprinkler system sprung a leak and flooded the side yard.
    • We had another plumbing issue in the garage.
    • Discovered that the gas fireplace won’t light (made doubly worse because, with the HVAC dead we have no heat).

    So I suppose I’m going to spend this weekend wondering what god or demon I pissed off while coordinating lots of repairs during a pandemic.

    1. 4

      Clearly it was St. Vincent Ferrer, patron saint of plumbers.

    2. 7

      Building myself an e-ink reader. https://imgur.com/a/ouU2rXC

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        Sick, you got any resources that you’re using? I’d be interested in trying this out.

        1. 2

          I picked up the 7.8inch e-paper from waveshare. Note they recently got HDMI module for it as well.

          I’m modeling the covers myself.

      2. 5

        Nope, it’s the holiday week. Doing things is out of the question.

        1. 4

          I and my team will continue working on GIF Tools – tiny browser-based utilities for working with GIF animations.

          1. 3

            Going to add support to select the graph components by mouse dragging in canvas for Graph Galaxy

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              After FreeBSD’s transition to git, I plan to work on HardenedBSD’s side of the transition: https://groups.google.com/a/hardenedbsd.org/g/users/c/55pVswpkuf8/m/lWQNZc9YBAAJ

              Essentially, FreeBSD’s transition will change all the git commit hashes which greatly impacts HardenedBSD.

              1. 1

                Presumably, while the commit hashes will change, the worktree hashes will not - could you script something that compares those instead?

                1. 1

                  All hashes will change due to fixing historical errors.

                  1. 1

                    They are changing the worktree contents for current commits? That seems… extreme.

                    I can understand commit hashes changing, but changing tree hashes implies a rewrite of the present as well as the past.

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                I’m writing a neuroevolution framework in Rust. It’s all from scratch, down to the neurons and synapses. I achieved the first milestone the other night, it managed to evolve a XOR solving network.

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                  Neat! ;)

                  1. 2

                    Yep 🙂 Will try to extend it to hyperneat somewhere down the road

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                  Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning class has been helpful, but without a good background in math, I’m finding it a bit hard to follow parts. So I’ll be adding some rudimentary trig classes/videos to my learning schedule to hopefully help me keep on top of this class.

                  I really would love to be able to build out models and find trends after all of this, both for my current job, as well as for myself.

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                    My friend asks me how I have time to do the things I do. I have the same question for people on this amazing site. This Sunday I will think about how to get to that next level. So yeah.

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                      Laze around and work on learning to 3D model, probably. Good thing I already have a good therapist, or else Blender would make me look for one.

                      Also, drive off to visit family for Christmas, even though I probably shouldn’t. We’ve all quarantine’d pretty good before and have time to do so again after though, so hopefully will be okay.

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                        I am definitely going to fix that one bug in khefin that’s now more than four weeks old. Definitely this weekend. Definitely.

                        1. 2
                          • playing Cyberpunk 2077
                          • sending my PS4 to a buddy
                          • bed shopping
                          • reorganizing garage
                          • r e l a x
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                            Picking up where I left off with my vanilla emacs config. I’m not liking how long project-find-file takes to return a selection of 2800 files. Things were instant in doom with projectile (and I assume rg) and this looks like an opportunity to learn some elisp.

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                              Having all Christmas presents done is great. All? No, not all! One indomitable nephew still holds out. (Or, hmm?)

                              There’s a bit of paperwork that wants doing. Neeeeds doooing. Then some Christmas baking. Since I moved abroad all the Norwegian baking and cooking has become very important to me.

                              And maybe some programming, if baking doesn’t take all the time. My usual big thing, but I am feeling a little bit tempted to write an android quickie to provide “upload to imgz.io” as a share target for images.

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                                I started my ‘holidays’ (i.e. no client work, unless it’s an emergency) yesterday (Thursday), so this weekend will be a continuation of the last two days: work through as many DIY/fixit things as I can before the end of the month.

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                                  xmas baking, stocking firewood, salt for sidewalks, and other stuff that might be needed. Saturday evening skype session at the fireplace (xmas gathering from my first office, 23 years and counting), sunday sleeping and digital detox weekend.

                                  The minimum funny year 2020 will have a minimum viable xmas: no tree, no decoration besides one (1) small Christbaumkugel (christmas ornament) and a small fir branch tip, and no fireworks on new year’s eve.

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                                    Working through more Advent of Code problems, and then continue building a game using Bevy. Right now just reimplementing Space Invaders but I want to explore some more interesting game mechanics. Any (not too complex) ideas would be appreciated!

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                                      I’m going to finish reading William Hodgson’s “The Night Land.” Very good story but the archaic writing is pretty clumsy and annoying, so it’s been a chore to get through.

                                      Depending on how windy it is, I’m going for a long bike ride or a long hike.

                                      And I need to tidy up my apartment and do some Christmas shopping.

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                                        In recent weeks I got a huge amount of backend work done on my ionospheric propagation prediction site, including some major speedups, improvements to the spatial model, fixes to the SVG renderer, and fixes needed to allow upgrading python/matplotlib/cartopy/proj from 2018 versions to 2020 versions.

                                        Problem is, now I have a small pile of features that work great, but they have no UI, the only way to get at them is through URL twiddling. Additional problem is as a frontend dev I’m mediocre at best. But I can’t seem to sign anyone else to do it so I just need to bite the bullet and make something work, even if it’s less pretty than it could be.

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                                          I’m looking into how Neovim plugins work. I’ve been using nvALT on macOS and 1Writer on iOS with a Dropbox folder full of markdown files as my thrown together version of a zettelkasten, but nvALT is showing its age. I’d also like to be able to rename tags and notes without doing it manually. It looks like I may learn Lua along the way, which will be interesting.

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                                            During the days I’ll mostly be enjoying time with the family.

                                            Other than that, I want to get the “gym wall” painted in our garage and a TV off a stand and mounted, so the 1 y/o will quit trying to climb the stand.

                                            Also, I’ve been reading Database Internals and will hopefully make some good progress on that, too.

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                                              Rewriting the system that I spent the last 3 months designing and building. I didn’t have written down requirements, so I have carefully researched and written them down myself, so we would all be on the same page — but turns out that PM didn’t actually read them, and we discovered that system does not behave as he wants it to only on Thursday. We need to start testing it tomorrow and release to public in 2020.

                                              Fun times.

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                                                Finally completed Zelda: Links Awakening a few weeks ago and ordered Breath of the Wild for a family Xmas present. As I’m spending Saturday travelling alone, I’m getting in some practice hours on it ahead of wrapping it in a box.

                                                Also writing, then prioritising a todo list for the next couple of weeks for things I’d like to achieve whilst off work.