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It’s about WM.

It would be good something like distrowatch.com but distroDE-WM

Tiling windows, float windows…no matter. I love shortcuts, keybindings and all I knew (i3, bstmp, fluxbox, openbox) are about focus in windows. I was using i3 for 2 years and openbox for two years.

But I’d prefer about applications. If I opened mailclient, firefox, terminal, editor, and I want to open firefox again I dont want to remember in which window was opened, I want focus in firefox and NOT to open a new firefox window. So something like “meta-f” to launch firefox, “meta-e” to launch or activate emailclient and so on.

And the application is focused in the same position and size when It lost the focus. Something like:


if exists firefox

    activate firefox


    launch firefox

I dont want to work with works-area. I did it for years and always found out the same problem about moving windows from one to another. Many times I need a terminal window with editor in the same screen, or firefox with emailclient …moving, sizing.. lot of combinations

So I prefer all the windows in the same workarea, and no tiling, because I want firefox in maximum window size but terminal floating, or editor in a corner …

which WM permits me all these things?

no one (at least I know)

which WM is something like I wish?