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    A friend suggested we do a side project that does exactly this type of overlay to help with accessibility.

    It is a very powerful pitch to be able to say “install our turbo 3000 power a11y plugin and your website will magically be wcag 3 compliant.” so why not give it a shot? The market is definitely there.

    I spent a week or so reading up on wcag and doing some prototyping and came to the conclusion that this is a very hard (impossible?) thing to do right, and ultimately I felt like we would be doing people a disservice by even trying. We would absolve the website owner from having to do the right thing. In the end I backed out.

    I would happily help clients make their website accessible. But this quick fix thing because you decided it wasn’t worth your time does not sit right with me.

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      If anything, an overlay creates new accessibility barriers. It’s why ad-blocker filter-lists for overlays are getting some popularity right now.