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    I tried this while it was in alpha, and at the time it was too crashy for me to evaluate.

    It looks a bit nicer than the current Firefox for Android, but I’m concerned mainly about whether it will support add-ons. I don’t have a ton of Firefox add-ons installed on Android, but having real uBlock Origin in the mobile browser is a game-changer compared to the weaker built-in adblocking in Firefox Focus.

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      I find it nicer than the current Firefox too. The bar at the bottom is a bit weird on the first time but it feels more ergonomic.

      As for the add-ons, it would be a total deal breaker if WebExtensions such as uBlock Origin are no longer supported. Add-ons are the main reason I use Firefox on Android and I guess I am not the only one.

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        Add-on support is planned (and possibly already being worked on?).

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          Did Mozilla mention this somewhere? I would like to believe you, but they already have one fairly popular mobile browser (Focus) with no add-on support..

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            Nothing official, but see: https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/fenix/issues/574#issuecomment-466980564

            In other words, Fenix won’t support add-ons initially (for the MVP), but there will be a transition period before Fennec is retired. All signs are pointing to add-on support in Fenix before Fennec is retired (though again, nothing official beyond chatter in issues).

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        Does anyone know if this is intended to be a separate product, or if it a test ground and would eventually replace Firefox on Android, and carry the Firefox name instead of Fenix.

        Fenix, if I remember correctly, was the original name of Mozilla’s Android browser.

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          It will replace the old Firefox for Android browser. Fenix is the internal code name (just like the old browser’s code name is Fennec), and won’t be branded that way to the public.

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            ah.. that’s what I remember. The little fox with the huge ears.

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            I believe that it is expected that Fenix eventually becomes the “regular” Firefox for Android.

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            It would be cool to see list of trackers in this app.

            Firefox Focus, version: 7.0.13 has one: https://reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/en/reports/39500/