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I thought I’d post this because Lobsters deserves better than the quarter-assed Plan 9 cluster piece going around other spaces and rather than just downvote it when it shows up I thought I’d provide a better resource.

If you’re interested in clustering on plan9, grid computing is really where it’s at. This GoMapReduce (PDF) paper makes for a decent starting point.


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    I remember the author of ANTS spamming the plan9 newsgroup…don’t think it ever amounted to anything, though.

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      I wouldn’t normally comment, but the breakdown was pretty public. Mycroftiv was having a fairly difficult time personally around then, and appears to be in a much more stable place since.

      He’s done a bunch of very interesting work with plan 9, and is currently hosting a number of interesting services including gridchat, which is an ultra-minimal 9p chat service with a good deal of very interesting discussion. The ideas in ANTS are worth exploring, and there are a few that I hope to gradually pull back into 9front’s default distribution as time permits.

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        Ah, cool; I never looked too deeply into the matter, but that’s good to know.

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        It amounted in an enjoyable and novel fork of 9front with extensions, a consistent and wholesome online community (the grid), and a handful of experiments in grid computing like spawngrid, etc.

        I feel it was very successful and find mycroftiv’s work very interesting and enjoyable :)