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    If only I knew this would be around in ten years…

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      This looks cool, but I can’t find a good example of what an app written in Joy looks like. This would benefit from e.g. a TodoMVC implementation.

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        The github org has a super basic todos example. The setup directions worked with the one hiccup that the joy executable was at /usr/local/lib/janet/bin/joy and not in my PATH.


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        Oh cmon, Joy? An already obscured search result that includes the Forth-like Lisp-ish “Joy” programming language… Does nobody Google these words before using them or something?

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          I don’t think you can reserve simple words like “Joy” in a way that nobody else can use them for anything. The most recent release of Joy the programming language is from 2003.

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            Sure, but the releases of the actual program are far less interesting than the theory and paradigm the language successfully explores.

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            Something something naming things is hard…

            Of course, if everyone tried to move away from the California ideal of sunny optimism, a whole new vista of naming opens: Ennui, Despair, Melancholia, Spleen, Disaster…

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                Already taken. That’s the default don’t on OpenBSD.

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                  Cool! But what is a “don’t” in UNIX software?

                  Edit I thought I recognized it, it’s the default font.

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                    …I blame autocorrect. And I was offline long enough that I can’t fix it.

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                Do you know how many people called Wilhelm there are? I googled and it’s more than one.

                To counter this terrible argument, language and frameworks like Go, Rust, Ruby, Python, Java, Rails, Express, Node are all extremely successful with names that would not meet your criteria. So who has the burden of proof here? Do you think we should name things by just assigning a uuid to it?

                When you make something, call it what you want, ignore the haters.

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                  It’s not a terrible argument. Go made it difficult if not insurmountable to find things about Go!. Rust, Ruby, Python, Java, and Rails (which is Ruby on Rails, anyway) are/were not names already in use by other programming languages lest they doom them to obscurity as well. The languages of the world are not running short on completely random arbitrary words to use when naming your software.

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                    Python is a snake, searching it would have needed disambiguation from the beginning, same with ruby and java.

                    “Joy web framework” is not hard to search the same way that “Ruby programming” is not hard to search. “Go programming language” was never hard for me to find either.

                    Ruby even named their package system “gems”. It didn’t seem to have as big of an impact as you are implying.

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                      “Go programming language” vs “Go! programming language”. Try it!

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                  You can just google ‘joy programming language’ or ‘joy web framework’ can’t you?

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                  Anyone using this? I’d like to know more about your impressions of it. Janet and Joy looks quite neat.

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                    I am not using Joy (only to steal some ideas), but Janet is the language I have been waiting for my whole life :-).

                    Multiparadigm Lisp backed by the C. I even got back to C, to write LevelDB wrapper, and managed to do it after almost 25 without C.

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                      Thanks a ton for sharing your experiences!

                      I just managed to compile Janet on my Windows 10 on ARM64 machine. From the all the test suites, only two tests failed. I’ve just submit an issue to see if I can help debug it. I have zero experience with Janet and my C is quite noob but I’m intrigued by this tiny lisp.

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                        I have seen your issue. I hope it could be resolved easily, cause arms are definitelly one of the reason I am interested in Janet.