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    Nice to see more projects in this area, I’m happy with atuin right now after having used zsh-histdb for several years.

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      What prompted you to switch? I’m currently using zsh-histdb and I’m curious how it compares to atuin and hishtory.

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        What prompted me to switch was helping to review/test a pull request that added zsh-histdb importing, that atuin is a more active project with seemingly bigger goals, zsh independence, syncing. What’s not working so well for me with a very big history file is their TUI - I’m still using a non-TUI reverse search for most cases (which isn’t as good as the one of zsh-histdb yet). I think there are lots of possible innovations in shell histories that might allow more exciting features in the future. For example, just imagine you could enable a jupiter notebook style setup where you can access any commands output afterwards easily.

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      Useful, but I am not really willing to send my shell history to a remote server, even if encrypted. I thought of implementing this myself many times, but I think the mindset is dangerous. Encryption does have its meltdowns, such as the heartbleed bug. If I keep sensitive things on my machine, I have a hard barrier that I can trust and feel peace of mind.

      I have this in my fishconfig instead https://github.com/oh-my-fish/plugin-percol https://github.com/oh-my-fish/plugin-peco (alternative)

      and it is tremendously useful.

      I also wrote this tool which is somewhat similar to the one on this thread, but works on a curated list of commands. I’ve been thinking on adding support of fetching the list from an url instead of the local filesystem. https://github.com/plainas/icl

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        I find, personally, I do not need shell history past my current session. Nor do I like the idea of syncing it to other machines. That’s just not how my brain works.

        When I exit a terminal window, I don’t usually need any of the commands I just used.

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          Well, I find shell history to be incredibly useful to keep around, and have used fzf to allow fuzzy reverse searching through it. I was wondering about a way to sync it between systems, so I’m glad this project was posted.

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            Yeah sure. I can see how it would be useful to people who do like to use their history. Just giving my 2c on it

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            Would you describe yourself as living in your terminal? Do you compose snippets or pipelines requiring research, or things you don’t know or don’t fully grok, things you might want to reference some months later when you need the ability again?

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              I definitely do live in the terminal. I do compose pipelines requiring research. I reach a point where I decide to write a script instead of continuing to do it interactively in my shell. This way its usually saved to a file I can reference some months later when I need to do it again.