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With more and more conferences spinning up in person again, are any of you looking forward to venturing out to any during the coming year? Or perhaps participating in a virtual conference that has been going well? I’ve found that participating is pretty motivating, so I would like to find out before I just see posts about the conference the week of.

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      The only conference I truly love is !!con, about the joy and whimsy of computing. Where else can you see someone build a Rube Goldberg of web services for his daughter at college so that when she:

      1. sends a certain text message, it
      2. triggers a tone at home that the family pets have learned means to come running, and then
      3. a 3d printed treat dispenser gives them treats in a certain spot, so that
      4. they’re in the right position for the automatic camera, which
      5. snaps a shot of them and texts it back to her, so she can see her pets
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        Awww dang I’m gonna be on flights all of !!con :(

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          We haven’t announced anything for 2023 yet so there’s still a chance :)

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      Also looking forward to attending the last Strange Loop.

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        I love Tailscale! I’m sure it’ll be awesome. Had no ideia they were putting together a conference.

        Thanks for posting the link here.

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      Not looking forward anymore, but I gave a talk at BlueHat IL today and it was an amazing experience. I hope to go again sometime, so that probably counts.

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      Please, please let CCC happen this year!

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      Obviously: https://iwp9.org. I’m helping organize that one.

      There’s also the 9front hackathon later, in August. There’s no website; it’s intended for contributors, so signup and information is done via an authenticated 9p share.

      I’m also excited for https://bsdcan.org; this one has consistently been one of my favorite conferences, with good speakers, good hallway conversation, and a generally good vibe.

      I’d also like to make it to at least one https://www.thestrangeloop.com/, which doesn’t leave me much choice but to go this year.

      Gophercon (https://www.gophercon.com/) is another one that I want to make it to, given that it’s the language that pays my bills these days.

      And finally, while I couldn’t make this year’s RWC (https://rwc.iacr.org/2023/), I’ve really enjoyed all of the ones I’ve attended. I’m no cryptographer, but the topics tend to be down to earth enough that I can follow along.

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        Obviously: https://iwp9.org. I’m helping organize that one.

        Will there be recordings?

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          We’re planning on it.

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      Elixirconf.eu! Going to meets lots of colleagues for the first time while there as well.

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      SREcon EMEA. SREcon is one of my favourite conferences. Always lots of great content and I always enjoy a trip to Dublin.

      If I get to go this year it will be my first time going to a conference since Covid which could be… interesting.

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      How convenient that you ask! I’m presenting at HotSoS next week (free online) and at Kubecon Europe in mid April (in person), both on SPIFFE/SPIRE topics. Conferences are a significant part of my life - I find that if I can contribute something, even just volunteering at checkin or doing a 1 minute lightning talk, I always gain a lot from the experience.

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      I attended the second Strange Loop and am wistfully looking forward to attending the last one.

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        This has been my absolute favorite conference in recent years. I’m so sad it’s ending.

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      https://srccon.org the conference for coders in the journalism world and vice versa.

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      For me, the big ones have already passed. Codemash in Ohio is in January yearly and I was happy to return after missing three years. Then, having spoken for FOSDEM 2021 online, I was able to attend FOSDEM 2023 in person in Brussels in February and had a good time on my first trip to Europe. I was sick on the first day of the conference but went to the second and talked to many folks, especially at the Homebrew booth.

      Next up on my mind is Strangeloop, one I’ve wanted to go to for years but it was always on a bad weekend for me. This year, it’s not, and sadly, it’s the last one.

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      We are Seattle’s largest conference for systems programmers. We bring you the authorities on game engines, operating systems, compilers, terminals, CPU/GPU design, and more.

      i really liked some of the talks i watched this year. i’m looking forward to the next one! maybe I’ll make it in person next time, this year the timing didn’t work for me to attend in person.

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      There’s a new conference in Palm Springs that sounds fun - https://outland.sh/

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      Looking forward to “All Systems Go!” which is hopefully happening after it’s COVID hiatus. https://all-systems-go.io/

      This year Chaos Communication Camp is happening again which I can best describe it as “what if hackers got led lights, beers and subwoofers and decided to improvise a Burning Man festival outside of Berlin”. Pictures from CCCamp19 - http://smtw.de/cccamp19/


      And then I hope we will see a return of Chaos Communication Congress this December :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_Communication_Congress

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      With real world crypto(as in graphy) over I am otherwise still treading carefully with the travels monitoring covid developments. Still I hope to sneak around, in person or by proxy, at recon.cx, troopers, hack in the box, sec-t and CCC/CCCcamp.

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      I love DevOpsDays in general. I credit most of my career to spending time in open spaces and engaging with the DevOps Community.

      Every DevOpsDay is different, too; each caters to its different surrounding city/community, and it’s always exciting to see the differences in what people are trying to learn.

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      Having just been to embedded world and Aerospace Tech Week, I’m pretty much through with it. One outstanding:

      https://www.his-conference.co.uk/ High Integrity Software Conference in Bristol.

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      PyConDE in Berlin. It‘s my first time going and I‘m really excited. I‘ve watched a lot of PyCon video over the years and it has always been a goal of mine to attend in-person professionally. Is anyone else going?

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      European Lisp Symposium, which I am apparently about to miss again :/

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      I’m planning to go to RustConf this year. Rust has become one of my favorite languages over the past couple of years, and I’m developing an open-source project in it, so I look forward to meeting up with some of the Rust community.

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      Going to jCrete for the first time this year. I’ve been trying to get there for years, but the schedule just never worked out, and then COVID.

      Missing for way too long the Enterprise Architecture summits hosted in Crested Butte by Bruce Eckel.

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      https://www.causalislands.com/ Future of computing conference in Toronto next month!

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      BSidesSF! I’m gonna be giving a workshop there, and it’s gonna be my second ever conference contribution overall. Although I’m still relatively new to the security professional life, my previous experiences at security conferences have all been really fun and I’ve connected with a lot of cool people as well, so I’m very excited.

      I also love Tailscale and am interested in going to Tailscale Up, but I’m not completely decided on that yet.

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      Oh, I would love to actually check out Abstractions.io – oh, covid killed it.

      Well maybe Rust Belt Rust is starting u– nope, covid killed it.

      uh. well, maybe I should check out !!con. RustConf is also still going at least. Does… does MAGFest count?

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      I attended one last December (BarCamp Bangalore, bar as in ‘foo bar baz’, ad hoc gathering to share and learn in an open environment). That’s happening again this May, will likely go.

      PyCon India is in October, but not sure if I’ll go.

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      Considering going to FOSS North in Gothenburg now in April.