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I’ve been pretty good in the past at remembering conversations, tasks, and their details without needing to write things down, but as I age I find that this is definitely no longer the case. I’ve never been very good at writing things down, and I was wondering if other lobsters could talk about their note-taking habits with pencil and paper. I don’t write very quickly, and I’d love to hear tips to improve my capacity to jot down good notes. In particular, I may find myself serving on a jury in a few weeks, and I think it would be very good if I could have a good record of testimony rather than having a wrong recollection, or even no recollection, of what was said.


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    My general advice is just practice. I’ve never been great, but I try and write down key points and thoughts. I usually can’t write fast enough to get what people said verbatim, but I can get important talking points. This can then be used to jog your memory.

    I usually write down:

    • numbers
    • dates
    • names
    • actions
    • how I felt about these things in one or two words

    Hope that helps.