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    It would already be nice if the ‘standard’ led indicators came back again. You know, power, disk actvity, network activity, etc. Can’t be too expensive, right? Next step: a led that tells you whether your mic is unmuted.

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      yesss I want this! where is the kickstarter

      I think you can do most of this via audio. IO load, CPU load, memory usage as different kinds of noises? I don’t want to wait for a widget to update to tell me I’m hitting swap, I wanna bweeee– ctrl-c! ctrl-c!

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        I always wanted a CPU monitor that played wind chimes, with the simulated wind speed proportional to the CPU load.

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          I always chant the mantra of coupling cohesion dbc solid readability testability….. blah blah fish paste….

          But I’ve being adding another melodic line to my drone… Observability.

          If you can’t see what’s going on….

          a) You don’t know what if you thought was happening actually happened. (Hopefully unit tests catch that… but I’m starting to really like testing in production. Scary, but it’s a small revolution.

          b) You don’t know what else is going that you never dreamed of. Yup, some bugs don’t destroy the designed for functionality, so tests aren’t going to catch them… they just do truly bizarre “other” stuff you weren’t expecting.